"When working with Sparks, productions get far more than simply an equipment vendor. The quality of gear, expertise of the staff, and level of customer service is above and beyond what any producer and their crew can expect. I can’t wait to return Europe to work with Sparks again.”
J.B. Sugar - Producer/ Director No Equal Entertainment (Canada)
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The Sparks History

SPARKS Camera and Lighting Ltd. was established in 1992, by Vilmos Zsigmond, the Oscar-winning cinematographer, and has since played a major role in the world of international and domestic filmmaking. The company is constantly working on fulfilling as most completely as possible the needs of film producers coming from Hungary, Eastern European and from all over the world.

It not only “provides” equipment, but also knowledge and experience, which often helps the young, wing-trying generation to become real professionals. SPARKS Ltd. is proud of its professional technicians and colleagues, with whom it represents not only the company, but also its world-renowned partners, such as Panavision, one of the world's best manufacturers of lenses and cameras.

SPARKS Ltd. is constantly developing its lighting, camera and grip equipment according to the latest technological developments and trends, in order to serve the growing number of shootings in Hungary with such qualitative equipment and expertise, which will carry its fame, and to provide such a high level of service, that will always meet the needs of Productions, cameramen, and gaffers’.

The managing directors of SPARKS Ltd., Béla Romwalter „Richy” and Judit Romwalter consider it important to further promote and continuously develop the Hungarian film production activity, and also the active participation of their company in it. Their aim is, while staying true to the professional principles of their founder, Vilmos Zsigmond, and keeping in mind the possibilities of the company, to remain actively present in both international and Hungarian, especially the Hungarian young professional generation’s production of music videos, commercials, TV films, TV Series, documentaries and feature films, by professional and technical contribution as (co) producers and as technical and professional cooperating partners in trainings.

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