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General COVID-19 guidelines

SPARKS - General COVID-19 guidelines

As a consequence of the situation caused by the COVID19 virus threat, in order to give priority to the protection of our customers and employees, we have introduced the following measures (COVID-19 rules) in the basic operating structure of our company:

• Those employees whose job does not require a continuous personal presence, we have given the opportunity to work from home, in order to limit the number of personnel at our headquarters at any given time.

• If possible and the work phase does not require a personal presence, please contact our colleagues at the following telephone numbers and extensions:

+36-30-141-0000 OR +36-1-422-07-87
• Extension 1: Client contacts
• Extension 2: Camera and video warehouse

• Extension 3: Lighting and Grip warehouse
• Extension 4: Trucks and Generators

• For all persons who arrive to our sites, it is mandatory to assist to a non-contact body temperature check performed by the concierge at the 24-hour reception desk. If any symptoms of Corona virus disease are previously shown, we kindly ask you to report it and do not enter the building.

• In our buildings, it is mandatory for both our customers and employees to wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth, and to follow the rules of social distance.

• We would like to kindly ask our customers and clients to dispose the used masks and gloves in the specified containers, placed at the reception, to avoid the contact the with the general waste

• We have placed non-contact hand sanitizers on many parts of the buidling, which are highly recommended to use, especially after arrival.

• Our colleagues wear gloves, face masks, and if necessary, full face protector shields, as well as follow the social distancing rules, and their health status is monitored on an ongoing basis.

• To protect everyone’s health, we have limited the number of persons to access the Camera, Lighting and Grip warehouses, as follows:
o Following the proper precautions (by wearing masks and gloves), a maximum of 2 people is allowed to pick up and hand over the Camera and / or Video equipment, a maximum of 4 people is allowed to pick up and hand over the Lamp equipment, and a maximum of 2 people is allowed to pick up and hand over the Grip equipment.
o If the production requests a Camera / Video test, a maximum of 2 people are allowed to take part, and must stay in the room designated for them.

• The previously cleaned equipment (Camera, Lighting and Grip apparel) can only be deloaded on the place / room designated by our personnel

• Our warehouses and offices are being cleaned more often than generally, and during nights , to achieve a higher efficiency in desinfection, we use ozone generators, and we have extended this type of cleaning protocl to our vehicles as well.

• Right before the rental starts and after return, all our equipment is disinfected with ozone generators, UV lights and suitable cleaning agnets, in our external warehouses.

• Prior the rental, we provide detailed information for our customers, on the proper ways to disinfect our various technical devices, to ensure that they can clean them safely themselves during the duration of their production.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

In case you have any questions or requests, please send them to

Thank you!